903cc Engine Removal – Part 4

Engine Removal – Part 4

After a long hiatus (read winter) I finally got back into the shop. I was somewhat dismayed that a band of elves hadn’t come and freed the stuck piston in the Fiat engine. I grabbed a borrowed 12mm hex wrench and loosened the oil pan plug and got all of the oil out. I had to search for the 12mm as both of my sets only went up to 10mm. In fact all of the set I found at the local hardware stores only went to 10mm. Good old amazon!

Then all of the bolts holding the oil pan onto the bottom of the block. I found out the hard way that tapping on the little tabs on the corners with a screwdriver and hammer was a bad idea. I snapped off one of the tabs. It broke pretty far out so I don’t think it will have a negative effect. Just make me mad at myself! I ended up finding a spot between the pan and block near the timing cover that had a little gap for a tiny screwdriver to fit into. I twisted, not pried, the screwdriver until there was a bigger gap. Using a bigger screwdriver I gave it one more twist and *pop* it was off.

Next comes taking the bottom end apart. I have to be careful to mark everything so it can go back into the same positions. I just bought a new Sharpie and some zip lock bags!

Pictures of finishing up the engine removal.

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