Wish List from Vick Auto Sports

I got a new catalog from Vick Auto Sports in Texas. I love looking through these catalogs. It is like Christmas in the 1970s when we didn’t have the Internet to peruse all of the goodies available. No sir, we used the Sears, JC Penny and Monkey Wards catalogs!

I did however, use their website to create my wish list. It is very well laid out. I can go to the Fiat 850 section and then inch my way down through the categories.

This list is not a comprehensive list of all the pets that I will need for this project nor is it a list of must have items. It is simply a list of what I would buy from Vick Auto if I were given a big enough wad of cash. A Wish List. I have things on it that I will likely not need but it would be nice. For instance, I have a remanufactured fuel tank on the list for $250. In reality I will probably recondition the on the is in the car now but it doesn’t hurt to know what a replacement will cost. It just wouldn’t make sense to spend all the effort on a job like if for $100 more I can just replace it. I will also put this list in the Documents section for the sake of posterity. The whole list can be had for $2,740.82 if anyone wants to make a donation! There is a button to the right!!


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