Weber 30 DICA Correct Float Level

weber 30 dica carburetor FloatSearching on eBay is like the digital age’s version of scouring junk yards. I found a rebuild kit on eBay for the Weber 30 DIC and I wondered if it would work on the 30 DICA. In fast I have seen references to a DIC-1, -2, -3, and A. So I emailed the guy and asked him about it. He referred me to this website, Pierce Manifolds. As I am looking around I came across this tidbit of information. Getting the float level correct in the 30 DICA.

Weber 30 DICA Float Level – ICH, ICT & DICA

It is essential that the following directions be complied with in order to obtain correct leveling of the float.

  • Make sure (only for brass float) that the same does not show any pit. Check that the float can freely slide on its axis.
  • Make sure that the needle valve is tightly screwed in its housing and that the pin ball of the dampening device, incorporated in the needle, is not jammed.
  • Keep the carburetor cover in the vertical position, since the weight of the float could lower the pin ball fitted on the needle.
  • Make sure that the float clip is perpendicular to the needle and does not have any indentation on the contact surface which might affect the free movement of the needle itself.
  • With carburetor cover in the vertical position, and float clip in light contact with the pin ball on the needle, the distance of the float from the upper surface of carburetor cover (with gasket fitted) must measure 6.5mm for brass float, and 36mm for plastic float.
  • After leveling has been done check that the stroke of the brass float is 6.5mm, and the plastic float is 8.5mm. If necessary adjust the position of the lug.
  • Check that the return hook of the needle allows it free movement on its seat.

NOTE: The operations of the leveling float must be carried out whenever it is necessary to replace float or fuel inlet needle valve. In this last case it is advisable to also replace the sealing gasket, making sure that the new needle valve is tightly screwed in its housing.

Great information. I am going to put Pierce Manifolds onto the Fiat Parts reference page but in the interest of keeping pertinent information together here is the information from the website:

Pierce Manifolds, Inc. 321 Kishimura Dr. Gilroy, CA. 95020
Sales: 1-800-874-3728
Tech: 1-408-842-6667
Fax: 408-842-6673
Large in-house inventory of Weber Carburetors, Weber Parts and Weber Conversions. Our new website is working but still under construction, with hundreds of photos and parts still coming…so check back often. Se Habla Espanol.

(Image of the float is from the Fiat Plus website. If you need a Fiat part, they have it or can get it.)

These are the two kits I found on eBay by the way. One for the Weber 30 DIC and one for the Weber 30 DICA. I have come to the conclusion that it is not the same.

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