Bringing home the 1971 Fiat 850 Sport Spider

1971 Fiat 850 as I Found her

1971 Fiat 850 as I Found her

One of the benefits of my job is seeing hundreds of cars for sale before they are shown to their target audience. I work for Auto & RV Publications, we are a magazine with 14 editions across the midwest. I had recently sold my Harley and was feeling the loss of wind blowing through my hair. I had thought that I would get a 2-seater convertible to satisfy my desire to cruise in the open air.

Originally, I was thinking of the usual suspects; MG, Triumph or Fiat. The more I looked at them, the more I liked the Fiat. There has always been something about Italy for me. It is still one of my favorite places I have been. Summertime in Florence with a great friend. I digress … I had decided to look for one of three; 850, 124 or a 128. My friend Neil who is always Johnny on the Spot for cool and unusual cars sent it to me. The 1971 Fiat 850 Sports Spider was offered a great price and only 50,000 miles. Better still it was only 70 miles away. So my son, my uncle and I went for a drive to get it. One of the great things about this deal was that the car came with lots of extras, including:

  • 903CC Engine (complete) Actually it is an 843CC engine
  • Transmission
  • Pedal Assembly
  • Steering Wheel
  • Generator
  • Wiring Harness
  • Blower/Heater Box
  • Instrument Cluster
  • Weber Carb
  • Windshield Wipers and Motor

We got it on the trailer and brought it home. I will go through the car tomorrow with a finer toothed comb.

Here are some more pictures: Photos of Bringing her home …


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