The Auburn Auction

I went to the big auction in Auburn, Indiana today. I walked around the swap meet area hoping to find maybe one or two booths that might have some Fiat parts. I looked through the Ford parts, the Chevy parts, Dodge, Plymouth, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Cadillac and all of the other usual suspects. I saw some interesting things. I saw some unusual things. I did not see any Fiat things.

Not only Fiat, but really there was an absence of any foreign parts. I also looked through hub caps. Nothing. I did see a guy that had some oddball european license plates but they were from the UK and Germany.

I did find a brochure for the 1971 Fiat  850 lineup. I will put it in the Brochures area. I love the opening line of it:

“Why should rich people have all the fun?”

Why indeed?

Don’t get me wrong I saw a lot of cool cars at Auburn and I will go again next year. There were several MG TDs, a couple of Morris Minors and a few Austin Healeys. Even some really cool Italian cars. Ferrari’s,  Lambo’s and Alfa Romeos. There were hundreds of cars and not a single Fiat. Maybe that is good. It make the Spider a little more unique in the world. That suits me just fine. I’ve never really been the type to follow the crowd. I suppose that is what I like about this car. It really has a unique style.

Yesterday I went to the Kendallville Airport to see the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club run speed tests on the tarmac there. That was really cool. The best part was meeting a fellow 850 Spider enthusiast who lives right here in Northern Indiana. I guess I am not the only one around here with his tastes askew.

Great to meet you Tim.

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