Car SOS: Fiat 850 on TV

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It is probably no surprise that I like car shows. I mean who doesn’t, right? There is a show on the National Geographic channel called Car SOS.

Master mechanic Fuzz Townshend and radio and TV host Tim Shaw form a gear-head pair who undertake dramatic automobile interventions across the UK, hoping to return some much-loved motors to their former glory.

This particular episode that ran in March of this year was an intervention of a “1960s” Fiat 850 Spider! Seriously,  a Fiat 850 on TV.  I couldn’t hardly believe it.

This is a pretty cool show if you have never seen it. Of course, like all car building / restoration there is a time limit. I guess  the producers feel as though it makes the restoration more dramatic. All I can say is that I am very glad that I don’t have a time limit!

At one point, Tim is calling around to the breakers (junkyards) looking for parts. It seems as though they are even harder to find in the U.K. Sorry, guys. I know how hard they are to find here, I can’t imagine what you blokes go through.

Here is the whole episode for your enjoyment.


Car SOS: Fiat 850 on TV — 1 Comment

  1. Just watched it. It is a strange feeling to see a car I had one off been restored on TV. Brought back many memories of the fun it was to own the 850. Back in California around 1989 I picked one up for almost nothing. Had it a few years, enjoyed it a lot, then sold as family needs pressed on. One of those I should have kept. Great show and great result.