The Weber 30 DICA Carburetor

Weber 30 DICA Carb

In preparation of rebuilding the the Weber 30 DICA carburetor I decided to take as many pictures of it as I could. I wanted to have every angle. There are so many little pieces and I a terrified that I will either lose some or completely blank on where some go. So before I get into taking it all apart I am going to spend some time documenting it in the state it is in now. I have found some information in various places and some rebuild kits.

  • Rebuild Kit @ Vick Auto Sports – $27.85 on 5/25/12
    There is no float in this kit but I did find one on eBay.
  • Rebuild Kit @ Fiat Plus – $36.50 on 5/25/12
    This kit appears to have a float. Fiat Plus also has lots of old and rebuilt carbs for sale as well as bits and pieces you can get if you don’t need a whole kit.
  • Repair Kit @ RockAuto – $16.61 on 5/25/12
    This kit states it works with 30D1C, 30D1C1, 30D1C2, 30D1C4, 30DIC, 30DIC1, 30DIC2, 30DIC4, 32DHSA1. Be warned I do not know if it will work, but it is cheap!
  • Rebuild Kit @ Mr. Fiat – $69 on 5/25/12
    No float in this kit. Mr. Fiat is always the most expensive. It says it is compatible with Weber 30 DIC 10/11.
  • Rebuild Kit @ Midwest Bayless – $17.99 0n 5/25/12
    No float in this kit but they do have the drip pan.

Here is a diagram showing all of the pieces in a blow up form. I think this will be very helpful.

I have added an image catalog in the photos section of the extensive photo documentation of the Weber 30 DICA. In the days to come I will be pulling it apart piece by piece to clean and recondition.


The Weber 30 DICA Carburetor — 2 Comments

  1. Nevermind, I removed both Emulsion tubes on the newer spare Carburetor.
    I used a “pick” to break the tube loose; then they just slide right out when flip the carb. upsidedown.

    Still couldn’t remove the tubes in the earlier Carb (30 DIC – without the “fast idle Pod Assembly”)
    The older Carb. housing also had “Holley”/ Weber casted on them.

    If anyone had experienced to removed them on the older Carb. pleae let me know? I just don’t want to damage the case or anything inside.


  2. Did you removed the two EMULSION TUBES, (Items 27 and 29 in daigram)?
    How do you removed them? I don’t want to damage them, but would like to clean them.
    I have seen Youtube videos of other types of Carb., but not on Webers.
    Do you need special tool to pull them out? or just soak them in Carb. Cleaner solution and “somehow break loose”? I don’t want to soak the Alum. body too long in the solution as they will start to “eat” the material.
    I’m currently rebuilding one of my 30 DIC Carb for the 850 Spider.
    Any help would be appretiated!