903cc Engine Removal – Part 3

Engine Removal – Part 3

I was finally able to finished getting the engine out and mounted on to the engine stand today. It was one of those moments that makes you feel like an idiot but at the same time you are just glad you made it past. I tried to pull to the engine away from the transmission the day before yesterday. I pulled and pulled and nothing. The engine would pull away about a half inch then no more. I goofed around with it for an hour at least. I figured that I would leave it go that night before I ruined something. I guess there is something to age bringing some wisdom.

I woke up at 5 am the next morning with the solution to my problem. There is a sheet metal shroud that covers the bottom of the transmission. Three bolts and it comes off which in turn frees up the flywheel. D’oh!

So tonight, armed with the new knowledge, I started in on it. Three bolts … The engine slides right out on the jack and board I was using for a sled. I had to take off the clutch plate and the flywheel in order to get the engine stands mounting arms attached. Once it was bolted up it was nothing to pick it up and attach the whole thing to the engine stand. That’s right, picked up the engine by myself and just placed it on the stand. Try that with a V8!

Next task: Take off the oil pan and start tearing down the bottom end in order to get to the stuck piston from the other end. I think I will also take the gas tank out and get it cleaned up on the inside and lined so it is ready for work. Everything I read says to take care of the gas tank while everything is apart. A plague of older carburetor based cars is rust in the gas tank. The rust gets into the carb and clogs the needles up and strangles the gas/air flow to the power plant.

Pictures of finishing up the engine removal.


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